Swedish composer and musician.

Creates music for acoustic instruments, voice, choir etc and electroacoustic music.

 Educated in Composition/EAM at

the Royal College of music in Stockholm and on Gotlands tonsättarskola

Musician in improvised music and folkmusic.

photo:Lova Wahlström

2021 april

Happy to announce that the album "Låtar på sopransaxofon" has been nominated for the Swedish 2021 grammy awards!

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(link to exhibition text, scroll down and you will find it)

Henny Linn Kjellberg & Thommy Wahlström

Exhibition at  Uppsala KonstnärsKlubb.

Ceramics, drawings, animations and sound.

Composers trio performing in Wienna

Christoph Punzmann, Girilal Baars and Thommy Wahlström

Live at Neue Musikverein, Das Lot in Vienna 10th of dec 2022


Thommy Wahlström

composer & musician

Uppsala, Sweden