Foreword III: A part of " Divided language" . 

Exhibition Gläntan 5-11 november 2022.My contribution was animated notation, animations without sound and drawings. Henny Linn Kjellbergs ceramic works.


2020 invention for two sopranos and EA no.7

Performed in M. K. Čiurlionis House museum, Druskininki  Lithuania by sopranos: Ilona Plivago, Dovile Kazonaité. Electronics: Thommy Wahlström.

The treat of the words are phonological combined with an ordinary treatment of the text, namely the words are mostly used as sounds. The meaning of the words occurs here and there to become clear just do disappear in the experience of sound again. Swedish and Lithuanian are combined and sung in the same time. Relates to the Lithuanian song style sutartines and some specific early polyphonic music.

Comissioned by Lithuanian composers Union, DAR.